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Blood Flow Phantom Simulating a Tooth and Dental Pulp for Doppler Ultrasound

  • Inventor
    Prof. Dohyun Kim
    DDS, Ph.D.
    Dept. of Conservative Dentistry
  • Category
    Oral Disease, Medical Device/System
  • Keywords
    Pulpal blood flow, Doppler ultrasound, Flow phantom, Microfluidics, Dental pulp
  • Current development stage
    General list:TRL 4 Technology validated in lab
  • Patent Status
    PCT patent application
  • Brief Description
    Doppler ultrasound is generally used in medical diagnostics for measuring blood flow in a wide range of blood vessels. However, Doppler ultrasound is not used commonly in dentistry, as well as direct application of ultrasound to a tooth has been limited. Recently, attempts have been made to measure pulpal blood flow inside a tooth using a medical Doppler ultrasound device. In order to use a Doppler ultrasound system to measure blood flow in a tooth, the system should be appropriately adjusted and calibrated. As extant medical phantoms cannot effectively mimic a tooth including dental hard tissue and pulp, there is a certain need for a special phantom which can simulate a tooth and pulp.
    This blood flow phantom simulates the acoustic properties of tooth enamel, which is the hardest tissue in human body. As well, it can control and regulate blood flow in a micrometer level. It can be used to determine the accuracy and effectiveness dental Doppler ultrasound systems, as well as to calibrate and improve their performances. With such systems, the physiologic state of dental pulp tissue can be better understood to provide accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.
  • Representative figure