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Method and apparatus for brain function matching

  • Inventor
    Prof. Haejeong Park
    Dept. of Nuclear Medicine
  • Category
    Medical Device/System, Brain
  • Keywords
    brain, function, matching, device
  • Current development stage
  • Patent Status
  • Brief Description
    In the past, in order to grasp the function of the brain, after stimulating auditorily and visually to a large number of people the areas and connectivity of the brain that are commonly activated were examined. Conventional brain image matching is performed based on the form or shape of the brain. However, there are individual differences in the manner in which the brain operates in each person, and even in regions with the same spatial location, there are functional differences.
    This technique is implemented as a brain function matching device in which brain activity and functional connectivity are matched among multiple individuals in consideration of individual characteristics. In order to overcome the limitations of the brain matching method based on the existing morphological criteria, we define the brain function connectivity between multiple regions included in the brain state image and generate a model of brain function matching by iterative learning based on this.
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