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Composition for preventing or treating obesity comprising ML323 as an active ingredient

  • Inventor
    Prof. Kyunghee Chun
    Dept. of Biochemistry and
    Molecular Biology
  • Category
    Obesity Treatment
  • Keywords
    Obesity, Ubiquitin, deubiquitinating, ML323, USP1 inhibitor
  • Current development stage
    Preclinical, Animal experiment
  • Patent Status
  • Brief Description
    Ubiquitin specific peptidase1 (USP1) is one of the family of deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB) which is mostly known to regulate DNA-damage pathway in regard to cancer. Interestingly, USP1 was highly expressed in differentiated adipocytes, and when its expression levels were reduced by siRNA, adipocyte differentiation was retarded and lipid accumulation was remarkably reduced. This phenomenon was also observed by using ML323 which is a USP1 specific inhibitor. ML323 treatment on differentiating adipocytes inhibited the differentiation of adipocytes and lipid accumlation was also inhibited by regulating the adipogenesis related genes such as FASN, PPARgamma, C/EBPalpha or FABP4. Therefore, USP1 specific inhibitor ML323 might be a potential drug in preventing or treating obesity.
  • Representative figure