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Endoscope Surgery Device

  • Inventor
    Prof. Kyo chul-Koo
    Department of Urology
  • Category
    Endoscope Surgery Device
  • Keywords
    endoscopic operation, ultrasonic vibration, device-equipped ureteral access
  • Current development stage
  • Patent Status
    KR patent application
    KR patent Registered
    US patent application
  • Brief Description
    The present invention concerns the development of an ultrasonic vibration inducing device-equipped ureteral access device that can more easily conduct entry into the ureter by inducing ultrasonic vibration in order to reduce insertion pressure when accessing the ureter during retrograde kidney lithotomy. This invention has a wide range of applications beyond ureter procedures, as it can be used for medical fields in which the diameter of the device that needs to be inserted is larger than the human body. With respect to existing technology, a ureteral access sheath (UAS) is about 2-3mm thicker than the average diameter of the adult ureter, and when it is being inserted into the ureter, the excess pressure can cause damage to the ureter. As such, it is an urgent problem to safely insert the UAS at a lower pressure; however, there has yet to be a suggested solution regarding this problem. Accordingly, the present invention provides a device that prevents internal damage during an endoscopic operation.

    The present invention is unique in that it allows for a smooth insertion into the ureter while lowering the pressure within the ureter by creating longitudinal ultrasonic vibrations in the UAS. To create these kinds of vibrations, the invention includes structure to produce vibrations in the stationary part of the UAS, and an alarm is triggered when a certain access pressure is exceeded through real-time monitoring. Furthermore, when this alarm is triggered, it executes a feedback control to stop the vibrations. The hollow structure of the vibration generation part for easily facilitating transmission of vibration is another unique aspect of this invention.
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