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Primers for diagnosis of Leukemia, and method for diagnosis of Leukemia using the same

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    Department of Laboratory Medicine
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    Leukemia, Diagnosis
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    Diagnosis, Leukemia, Primer
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    KR patent application
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    The present invention is related to the primer set for leukemia diagnosis for a next-generation sequencing analysis that can sensitively detect genomic abnormalities, as well as the leukemia diagnosis method using this technology. Generally, it is very important to accurately measure the quantity of specific genes related to the disease in the process of diagnosing and treating leukemia. As such, there is a need to develop a new diagnosis method that can more easily and accurately quantify and diagnose even small amounts of BCR-ABL fusion genes than the existing method, which is relatively poor at clinically detecting small quantities of genomic abnormalities. As such, the present invention provides a method of quantitative analysis that compares the number of reads for sequencing of the BCR/ABL1 fusion gene to that of the ABL1 gene, which is the control gene used in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) process, which uses a specific primer set on the fused part of the BCR/ABL1 fusion gene and then performs a second PCR.

    The present invention concerns the primer set for leukemia diagnosis that sensitively detects minute residual cancers by using the next-generation sequencing technology and the leukemia diagnosis method using this technology. As such, the present invention’s primer set and the method using this set offer a standardized protocol compared to existing diagnosis methods. This is expected to be useful in related fields as it can clinically detect even more minute amounts of genomic abnormalities more precisely and with more sensitivity.
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