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Composition for promoting engraftment of transplantable adipoytes and cellular composition for treating of fat transplantation

  • Inventor
    Prof. Seung Yong, Song
    Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Category
    Fat transplantation
  • Keywords
    engraftment enhancement, Lipotransplantation, fat transplantation
  • Current development stage
  • Patent Status
    KR patent application
    KR patent Registered
  • Brief Description
    The present invention is related to the composition for engraftment enhancement that promotes engraftment by increasing the in vivo survival rate of transplanted fat cells and to the cell therapy composition for fat transplantation used in fat transplantation therapy. Lipotransplantation is used not only in beauty treatments but is also used in the enlargement and reconstruction of breasts and buttocks. However, when fat gained through liposuction is simply transplanted, about 10 to 90 percent of the transplanted fat volume gets absorbed, render many such transplantations ineffective. As such, there are many instances in which additional procedures are undertaken in order to provide satisfactory results for the patient. In order to solve this problem, techniques involving the transplantation of adipose-derived stem cells or of small amounts of centrifugated fatty tissues have been developed, but the results have not been satisfactory. Therefore, the present inventors invented a new composition that increases the ratio of cell engraftment, as well as a new composition that can treat soft tissue loss and apparent soft tissue defects.

    The present invention provides a composition that offers a high ratio of engraftment for transplanted fat cells in vivo and that does not cause side effects due to transplantation of fat in large quantities. As such, it is advantageous for stable clinical application. Furthermore, by providing a cell therapy composition for fat transplantation that can be used directly in areas that require fat transplantation, this technology can be used as a substitute for human body mass, which makes it useful in related fields.
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