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A composition for Preventing or Treating Metabolic Disorders Comprising Viperin Inhibitors as Active Ingredients

  • Inventor
    Prof. Seo Jun-Young
    BioMedical Science Institute
  • Category
    Metabolic Disorder
  • Keywords
    Viperin Inhibitor, Metabolic Disorders, thermogenic promoter
  • Current development stage
  • Patent Status
    KR patent appication,
    KR patent Registered
  • Brief Description
    The inventors conducted a study to develop an efficient thermogenic promoter that can increase tolerance in low temperature exposure environments and that can treat various types of thermogenic hypofunction, including metabolic syndrome, by increasing thermogenesis. The results of this study indicate that when a substance that suppresses viperin, an interferon (IFN)-stimulated protein, is injected into the subject, the rate of thermogenesis increased substantially in organs and tissues such as the liver, the heart, and fat, and the manifestation of genes related to thermogenesis and fatty acid β-oxidation increased; as such, the present invention was developed following the discovery that body temperature can be maintained through this process.

    In addition to low temperature situations, energy imbalance caused by thermogenic hypofunction can lead to the development of various metabolic syndromes, including obesity, due to the presence of unused energy that transforms into fat, which then accumulates. Thermogenic hypofunction can also occur as a reflexive effect of reducing thermogenesis in response to insufficient nutrient intake in the body after dietary therapy intended for weight loss. By providing a target that can prevent thermogenic hypofunction, this technology has the potential to prevent or treat various metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, fatty liver, and insulin resistance syndrome.
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