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A composition for preventing, improving or treating for cancer

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    Prof, Baek-Kil Kim, Nam-Hoon Cho
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    TNBC, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer
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    This invention is a pharmaceutical compound to prevent or treat cancer. It contains miR-4516 or its mimetic as an active component. Because the mRNA or its mimetic, by binding specifically to 3'UTR of mRNA transcribed from FOSL1 (FOS-like antigen 1) gene, prevents FOSL1 from translating mRNA, the compound effectively inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells, and can prevent or treat cancer.
    Triple-negative breast cancer comprises 10-15% of all breast cancers, and according to 2018 report of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), 200,000 people are diagnosed with it worldwide every year. Breast cancer is often found in women under the age of 40, especially in people with a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. The standard treatments (anthracycline, taxane and radiation therapy) have limited effectiveness and poor prognosis, as triple-negative breast cancer does not respond to hormone therapy and HER2 targeted therapy. Because most of the existing treatments for breast cancer are for either ER-positive or PR-positive breast cancers (aromatase inhibitor, CDK 4/6 inhibitor, hormonal receptor), or HER2-positive breast cancer (HER2 inhibitor), effective targeted agent therapies with fewer side effects are urgently needed to treat triple-negative breast cancer. As shown in the graph above, the breast cancer therapy market is expected to continue to grow, and this technology will likely be in high demand.

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