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Composition for preventing or treating pigmentary disorders

  • Inventor
    Sang Ho Oh
    Department of Dermatology
  • Category
    Pigmentary disorder
  • Keywords
    Pigmentation, melasma, lentigo, bleaching agent, melanogenesis
  • Current development stage
    General list: TRL3 Technology validated in lab
  • Patent Status
    KR patent application

    Related Patent
    PCT Patent application
  • Brief Description
    This study’s researchers discovered that one of purinergic receptors plays an important role in pigmentation. Among several kinds of purinergic receptors, they found P2X7R can mediate pigmentation in melanocytes by ultraviolet-induced ATP production from keratinocytes. Therefore, blockade of P2X7 receptor can be used to treat various pigmentation disorders through regulating ATP-mediated melanogenesis. Their results showed that the use of purinergic receptor agonists increased melanin synthesis while the use of purinergic receptor antagonists inhibited melanin synthesis.
    These initial results show that there are compositions that can be used in the prevention or treatment of pigmentation disorders, such as those that result from hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. More specifically, these findings are focused on compositions that include purinergic receptor agonists and antagonists for the prevention and treatment of pigmentation disorders caused by hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation, respectively.
  • Representative figure