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Composition for Tooth Varnish

  • Inventor
    Choi Sung-Hwan
    Dept. of Orthodontics
  • Category
    Oral disease
  • Keywords
    Dental caries, White spot, Fluoride, Tooth varnish, Zwitterionic material, Bacteria
  • Current development stage
    General list: TRL4 Technology validated in lab
  • Patent Status
    KR Patent Application
  • Brief Description
    The technique outlined in this study utilized tooth varnish and other products for preventing dental caries and white spots.
    A notable characteristic of the tooth varnish that contains zwitterionic materials and fluoride-releasing materials is that they do not exhibit the same limitations in preventing enamel demineralization as traditional agents, which usually only contain fluoride-releasing materials as their sole active ingredient.
    The diagram below shows the levels of bacteria adhesion for the tooth varnish composed of varying weight percentages of the zwitterionic material. According to the bacteria analysis, high levels of prevention of enamel demineralization were found when the content amount of the respective materials in fluoride varnishes was 3%.

    Traditional methods for preventing dental caries and repairing white spots included the use of dental sealants to prevent enamel demineralization and fluoride gels, sodium fluoride solutions, fluoride foams, and fluoride toothpaste. However, the short release times of fluoride using the above methods have proven insufficient for completely preventing enamel demineralization of the teeth.
    The technique analyzed in this study aimed to overcome the limitations of such methods by using the zwitterionic materials to completely block the adhesion of bacteria to teeth, thus protecting the enamel from demineralization and preventing dental caries and the appearance of white spots.
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