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Antibody having enhanced productivity and the method for preparing the same

  • Inventor
    Joo Young Kim
  • Category
  • Keywords
    Monoclonal antibody production yield, Rituximab, O-GlcNAcylation
  • Current development stage
    TRL3: Technology validated in lab
  • Patent Status
    PCT patent application
  • Brief Description
    This study was about anti-CD20 antibodies, which exhibit improved productivity, and their manufacturing process. CD20 antigens (human B-lymphocyte-limited CD, also known as Bp35) are proteins located on the surface of free-B and mature B lymphocytes. In this study, O-linked glycosylation was conducted on the hydroxyamino acid of the anti-CD20 antibody to maintain immunopotency at equal or higher levels, while drastically improving productivity.

    The global biosimilar market is expected to increase from USD 9.7 billion (KRW 11 trillion) in 2017 to USD 48.1 billion (KRW 54 trillion) in 2023, a 24.6% average annual growth rate. During this same period, the global biopharmaceuticals market is expected to increase from USD 270.6 billion (KRW 306 trillion) to USD 442.0 billion (KRW 500 trillion), an average annual growth rate of 8.6%. In the Asia-Pacific market, accelerated use of biosimilars is expected to result in increased demand for new, more affordable pharmaceuticals. Against this backdrop, methods for improving the productivity of antibody pharmaceuticals, like the technology proposed in this study, are expected to play an important role.
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