Promising Technologies

Expanding Pressure Bandage for Hemostasis

  • Inventor
    Prof. Yeongjun Oh
    MD, Ph.D.
    Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
  • Category
    General Medical Condition
  • Keywords
    Bandage, Bleeding, Compression, Expansion, Hemostasis, Solvent
  • Current development stage
    Prototype Development
  • Patent Status
  • Brief Description
    People generally attempt to affect hemostasis by pressing cotton or disposable bandages onto wounds. However, this method only attaches the material to the outer surface of the wound and it is difficult to maintain pressure for a long period of time. Although there are compression bands made of nonwoven compression fabrics, these are relatively ineffective at achieving hemostasis when there is little or no bleeding.

    The technology analyzed in this study is a new hemostatic expanding pressure bandage that continuously applies pressure to a wound without the application of external force. In order to overcome the limitations of existing sticking plaster or compression bandages, applying pressure to the bandage causes the barrier between the solvent reservoir and the expansion element to break, leading to absorption of the solvent into the expansion element, causing the combination to expand. The hemostatic force can be selectively increased, so hemostasis can be achieved even with low blood flow.
  • Representative figure